Caldari Epic - Penumbra

This arc follows through to getting the Hyasyoda Mobile Labarotory as the final mission reward

Go to Josameto 0.6 The Forge, ensure beacons are visible on overview.
Warp to Nugoeihuvi Corporation Centre

1 The Intermediary

2 Trust and Discretion

3 Their loss, our profit 
    Combat Mission 
    Wave 1 Trigger : Core Admiral - highest bounty 
    Wave 2 Trigger : can't remember, need to check logs
    Wave 3
    When attacking Research Facility a few frigates spawn.  
    When Research Facility blows, two cans drop, one much further away.  Item needed is likely to be in that can

4 Arc Honorable betrayal / Two steps into Hell / Playing it safer

5 Proof of Intent

6 Return to Isha

7 Arc Two steps into hell / Playing it safer There are loads of ways into Syndicate, use your head ! (cov ops also helps)

8 Almost Unmasked

9 Some Light Theactrics  - Mission 900 damage when habitation module blows

10 Untouchable

11 A Generals's Best Friend 
    Combat Mission
    Wave 1 Once clear proceed through the gate and approach Caldari Navy Outpost
    Chat 1
    Chat 2

12 Meet Sinas

13 Right Tool for the Job
    Combat Mission
    get to the Federation Shipyard can as quickly as possible (overview "spawn container") hack the can, kill the current rats, and the communications tower.
    if you do not kill  things quickly enough you get the following ships
    no bounties but BS rats have 1m tags
   Frigates, Cruiser / Battlecruiser, Battleships

14 The Breakout
    Need to scan for the mission, the guide says low sec, there is no low sec in the constellation, could be any of the systems in the costellation
    make sure you have a codebreaker fitted and the FOF Tag gathered from the Shipyard can in the previous mission
    1st pocket has various Federation Cruiser/Battlecruiser & Battleships - I used a cov ops to slip straight past
    2nd pocket (update) has 8 Gallente Warden Frigates none agressed me whilst in the pocket.
    Use codebreaker on one Federation Detention Facility, grab your POW, then GTFO
    When you successfully hack the spawn container it starts a chain reaction to destroy them all

15 Whisper of a Conspiracy

16 Practical Solutions

17 Forewarning
    update 1
    update 2

18 Arc The Knowledge to Act - Slipping Away / Home in Peace

19 Across the Line
    Combat Mission
    Frigates Scramble, Cruisers perma-jam
    Wave 1