Way back in 2001 I created this domain as a “different” domain name, the website grew to be my personal rant space, and domain name for email use that people aren’t likely to forget.  Of all the domains I’ve had in the past this is the only one I’ve kept.

Recently I have been using the website to catalog useful websites for the Space MMORPG Eve Online, I started playing this in 2004 and have amassed a few useful links and guides. I’m no longer actively playing and many guides may be out of date.

I fully intend on adding further rants, as well as referencing old ones from previous incarnations of this site.  There will be guides to Eve Online and links to things I find useful.

If you find it useful, let me know, if you don’t or you feel agrieved by one of my rants, please refer to the domain name of the site.

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