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I started playing Eve Online during beta testing of 2003, at the time I was too much of a wimp for Eve and went back to the safety of Earth and Beyond.  When EA killed that game, I came back to Eve in March 2004,  with the exception of a few enforced absences I have been playing Eve since then.

Over the years I have tried various game styles within Eve.  I’ve run corporations (guild to you WoW types), I’ve help lead alliances (groups of guilds).  I’ve done mining, I’ve done production (both tech 1 and 2), I’ve done missions, I’ve been a pirate (-10 security and back 3 times now).  I’ve been lucky enough to have been a pilot in some of the most successful combat corporations in game.  I’ve made money honestly & dishonestly, I’ve infiltrated corporations and compromised their war plans.

One pilot didn’t pay me back some money I had lent him, about a month later, he was stripped of his roles within the corporation by his “friends” after being accused of a crime he couldn’t have committed (he wasn’t even logged on at the time) but they believed it could only have been him – he was the CEO.

Be warned, the learning curve in Eve is harsh, this puts off many players from sticking with it and experiencing a game like no other.  There is so much you can do in Eve, the only thing that limits your experience in game …is you.

All this time I’ve been gathering useful bits of information, links and guides.  Hopefully some of these will be of some use to you.

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If you’re not already an addict, click here to download the 14 day free trial.

“The Butterfly Effect” Video

CCP, have just released Eve’s latest (10th i think) free expansion,  here’s the nice shiny video  :

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