Labour: “We screwed up the economy and now we’re bitching about it how our mess gets fixed”

In a “shock” move today by Labour, a party spokesperson has detailed their party’s proposal for the foreseeable future, he stated that “we understand that we screwed up the economy for you, however we’re now just going to sit back and bitch about how the other two parties try and fix our mess”.

A more surprisingly truthful statement hasn’t been heard from Labour since its revelation from Liam Byrne’s “there’s no money left” note.

Warning : This story may or may not contain nuts, fiction or general farmyard smells.

UK Government Gurkha Farce

A Downing Street spokesman later added: “We’ve put the country £1.4 trillion in debt, government ministers are chin-deep in sleaze and the cops are beating merry hell out of everyone.   We just felt that the obvious next step was to tell thousands of heroic soldiers to go fuck themselves.”